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Accepted Files

We prefer that you send .PDF and .EPS files with outlined fonts. These files have all your images and text embedded into your file and will likely speed up your turn-around. Remember to add crop marks and flatten your files before sending. 
Basic Setup
All images must be a minimum of 300 dpi for photo images and artwork. 
If you want us to use artwork/photo with a lower resolution we will do so, but we will NOT be responsible for poor quality of image(s) when printed.

All colors should be converted to CMYK. Please be aware that colors will change somewhat when converted from Spot or RGB to CMYK. Also, colors will not look exactly the same when printed as they do on your computer screen.

Because the trimming machines are not always accurate it is recommended that you keep your important images and text from extending beyond a certain area. This will help you to avoid any important copy or images from being lost or cut off when the printed piece is trimmed down to its final size.

We require at least a 1/8 margin on all sides of artwork for most jobs. There are some exceptions such as letterheads, envelopes and signs. Please contact us if you are unsure what margins should be used. 

To compensate for slight paper movement during printing any image or color fill that goes to the edge of a document must be extended beyond the actual document size. Make sure your images or color fills extend 1/8” past the page edge.

Crop marks:
Include crop marks when applicable to insure your layout is cut accurately.

Convert fonts to outline (Preferred) or you can Include all printer and screen fonts. Be sure to include all styles used (regular, bold, italic, bold italic)
How to Create Press-Ready Files
Short and sweet how-to instructions on prepping your files for quick printing.

View or download the PDF here
iDesign Digital Printing
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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday:  9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
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We accept cash, check, all major credit cards (in-store only), and Paypal.
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If you are sending us your document to be printed/copied for same-day or next-day pickup, please be sure it meets these guidelines. 

Files that have missing elements or other problems will delay your order and change your original completion date. We will contact you via email or your provided phone number if there are any problems with your file.
File Preparation Guide
How to Prep Your Files for Printing
Send Your Files to Us
Send us your ready-to-print files via the Quick-Print Submission Form below, or directly to our email:
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Anything 11" x 17" or smaller can be printed and ready for you to pick up on the same day! 

Just send us your ready-to-print file and the details regarding your order.

We accept payment via Paypal, and we also accept all cash, check, and credit card transactions in-store.
How to Prep Your Files for Printing
Need something custom made? 
Send us details regarding your project and we'll get back to you with a quote!
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more than just printing and copy services. We provide our clients with top-notch print solutions for any variety of simple or sophisticated offset and digital printing projects. Our staff follows a professional, friendly, and detail-oriented ethos to ensure the best customer service. 
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File Preparation Guide
Poster, Banner, Outside Signage, Light Box, Cut Letters & moore....
File Preparation Guide
File Preparation Guide

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    We accept cash, check, all major credit                cards (in-store only), and Zelle.